DJ Set Wgt2018 Lo-Renz Electro-Pop

+ WGT 2018: Leipzig – Moritzbastei „Ratstonne“- Sonntag 20.Mai 2018 ab 20 Uhr bis 6Uhr 30 (offizielles WGT Event)


Depeche Mode: Leave in silence
Simple minds : Waterfront
Ultravox: Passing strangers
cetu javu: Situations
Celebrate the nun: Ordinary town
Sparks: When do i get to sing my way
Simple minds: Alive and kicking
Simple minds: theme for great cities
Midge ure: If i was
Depeche mode: But not tonight
Camouflage: The great commandment
Twins: Bballet dancer
Okay: ok
Trans-x:  Living on video
Erasure: Oh lamour
Yazoo: Goodbye 70s
alphaville: The jet set
Blancemange: Blind vision
Omd: Messages
Kissing the pink: The big men restless
Clan of xymox: This world
Heaven 17: Let me go
Depeche mode: Shake the disease
Mesh: Trust you
Colony 5: My world
And one: Body company
Melotron: Kein problem
Covenant: Ignorance and bliss
Vnv nation: Further
Beborn beton: Im innern einer Frau
Syntec : Angel angel
Seabound: hooked
Evils toy: Virtual state
solar fake: Under control
Chrom: Rregret and testify
Faderhead: Noise voices noise silence
Apoptygma Berzerk: Is electronic love to blame
And one: Killing the mercy
Destin fragile: Run away
Project pitchfork: Stained
Substaat: Refused
Auto auto : shadowland
Diary of dreams: The plague
Dioarama: Erase me
Blutengel : When i feel you
Frozen plasma: Earthlink
Assemblage 23: Impermanence
Aesthehic perfection: Forever
Rotersand ft marc jackson: The truth is fanatic
Bruderschaft : Forever
Vnv nation: Honour
Fixmer mc carthy: Freefall
Orange sector: Touch
Sturm cafe: Scheissnormal
Jaeger 90: Stiefelblitz
Front 242: Quite unusual
Blitzmaschine: Liebe auf den ersten blick
Depeche mode: a pain that i am used to be live
And one: Fuer zwei
Covenant: The men
Solar fake: I hate you more thatn my life
Solitary experiments: Pale candle light
Apoptygma berzerk: Deep red
Frozen plasma: Safe dead harm
Krupps: Robo sapien
Project pitchfork: Ascension (ft sue remix)
Aesthetic perfection: Ebb and flow
Velvet acid christ: Bend the sky
Klangstabil: You may start
In strict confidence: Zauberschloss
Mesh : Adjust your set
And one: Shouts of joy
N3voa: Hopes and dreams
Vnv nation: Solitary
angels in agony : Shine
Spektralized: Allied
Icon of coil: Shelter
Absurd minds: Herzlos
Covenant: Leiermann
Orange sector: Warte warte
Aethetic perfection: Lax ( mr kitty)
Boy harsher: Pain
Royksoap ft robyn: Monument
Kite: Count the days
Project pitchfork: Rain
Sitd: Suffering in solitude
Frozen plasma: Murderous trap
Vnv nation: Off screan
Apoptygma berzerk: Paranoia
Felix marc: The garden of light
Diorama: advance
And one: Zeit ohne zeit
Covenant: Die irae
Gesaffelstein : Pursuit
Voith: Chritsmas eve in berlin
Sitd: Snuff machinery
Icon of coil: Dead enough for life
Restart: Religion
Synth attack: Insomnia
Spock: Never trust a klingon
Sturm cafe: Der loewe is zurueck
Zweite jugend: Hoch die tassen
Held der arbeit: Der rhythmusmann
Spetsnaz: Apathy
Oomph: Mein herz
Invincible spirit: Hate you
Vnv nation: Electronaut
Xpq21: White and alive
Suicide commando: Dein herz meine gier
Larva : If i could
Hocico: Forgotton tears
Combichrist: This shit will fuck you up
Krupps: Schmutzfabrik
Nitzer ebb: Warsaw ghetto
Front 242: Dont crash
Apoptygma berzerk: Major tom
Editors: Papillon
And one: Steine sind steine
Vnv nation: Retaliate
Combichrist : Get your body beat
Faderhead : Tzdv
Grendel: Zombination
Eisenfunk: Pong
Covenant: Dead stars
Suicide commando: Hellraiser
Project pitchfork : Timekiller
Apoptygma berzerk: Shine on
Ascii disco: Strassen
Solitary experiments: stars
Solar fake: Such a shame
Vnv nation: Homeward
kirlian kamera ft eskil simonson: Sky collapse
Marsheaux: Get the balance right
Klangstabil: Math and emotion
And one: Metallhammer
Nitzer ebb: Joint in the chant
Front 242: Headhunter
Chrystle castle ft robert smith: I am not in love
Leatherstrip: Decay
Depeche mode: Enjoy the silence
Vnv nation: Standing

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