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DJ Lo – Renz (1968) from Hannover ( Germany ) since 1982 Depeche Mode fan and continuously active in the music since. The love for the band and electronic music has made to the profession Lo – Renz : He founded in 1990 the record label Synthetic Product Records with the aim of electro – pop bands to give a platform . Bands such as Mesh , Colony 5 , Lavantgarde , FAQ released her first albums on the record label SPR . Since 1988 DJ Lo – Renz organize and promote concerts, festivals and dance events.

Since 2004 Lo – Renz is DJ-ing constantly: Mainly on his Depeche Mode and Electro-Pop Events in Hanover. He forwarded his extensive knowledge of the electro scene in Moscow(Russia), Warsaw(Poland) , Utrecht(Netherlands) , Rostock, Hamburg, Cologne , Osnabruck, Magdeburg and Leipzig (WGT) to the audience as a DJ. From 2013 to 2015 DJ Lo – Renz had his own radio show at the radio station „LeineHertz 106.5 Hannover/Germany “ where he DJs and speak live on the radio. The name of the program says it all: „electro-pop“ . The basic idea that people can listen to his music taste, is now realized by – a 24hours music stream. & &

1.May 2017

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