Sendung 06 vom 2013-05-22

Die Playlist der 6.Sendung am 22.Mai 2013:

Camouflage : Where Has the Childhood Gone
Visage : The Damned Don’t Cry
Visage : Shameless Fashion (Radio Edit)
Boytronic : Living Without You (Radio Version)
Celebrate The Nun : Ordinary town
Scooter : Stripped
Orange Sector : Yugoslavien boys
And One : Get It
Kartagon : Pure Love
Klangstabil : perdere per vincere
Klangstabil : Math and Emotion (square route of three)
Assemblage 23 : Impermanence
X-Perience : Circles of Love
Clan of Xymox : This world
Rorschach Garden : State Protection
Depeche Mode : To Have And To Hold

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Sendung 05 vom 2013-04-24

Die Playlist der 5.Sendung am 24.April 2013:

Erasure : Who Needs Love Like That
Omd : Electricity
Omd : Metroland (Radio Edit)
torul w : Try
Douglas J. McCarthy : Death Is King
Cetu Javu : Help Me Now
Cetu Javu : Situations
Crystal Castles : Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith)
And One : Missing Track
Red Flag : Russian Radio
Q Lazzarus : Goodbye Horses
Blitzmaschine : Liebe auf den ersten Blick
Backlash : operating tracks
Page of Quire : Reason Man
Alex Sacher : Freestate
Depeche Mode : Ghost

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Sendung 04 vom 2013-03-27

Die Playlist der 4.Sendung am 27.März 2013:

Yazoo : Godbye 70’s
Depeche Mode : Heaven (Freemasons Radio Edit)
Mesh : When the city braethes (Neuvorstellung)
Torul w : Waterproof theme
Want/ed : Do i know (Internationaler Musiktipp)
Melotron : Stuck in a mirror (Neuvorstellung)
Ladytron : Destroy Everything You Touch
Syntec : Angel Angel (Regiolectro)
Syntec : Puppets (Regiolectro)
Autodafeh : Getaway (Neuvorstellung)
Colony 5 : Trackers
Icon of coil : Dead enough for life
Bruderschaft : Forever (Colony5 Remix)
Covenant : The men
Twice a man : Decay
Trisomie 21 : The last song

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Sendung 03 vom 2013-02-27

Die Playlist der 3.Sendung am 27.Februar 2013:

Blancemange : Blind Vision
Icehouse : Great southern lands
Lavantgarde : Take me s.i.m (Regiolectro)
Lavantgarde : Recall of night
Peter Heppner : Letter from africa
Solar Fake : Under these skies
Slave Republic : The driver
Slave Republic : Primärreiz (Neuvorstellung)
Spetsnaz : Between (Neuvorstellung)
Spetsnaz : Brainfood (Neuvorstellung)
Fixmer/McCarthy : Freefall(Hacker Remix)
Project Pitchfork : Rain
Depeche Mode : All that’s mine
Ting Tings : Hands (Internationaler Musiktipp)
Marsheaux : Wait no more (Internationaler Musiktipp)
Hurts : Better than love
Mesh : Black dog

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Sendung 02 vom 2013-01-30

Die Playlist der 2.Sendung am 30.Januar 2013:

Soft Cell – Torch
Siouxie and the banshees : Hall of mirrors
Kraftwerk : Computerwelt
Kraftwerk : Der Telefonanruf
Elektric music : Kissing the machine
Kraftwerk : Homecomputer
Moskwa TV: Techno talk
Karl Bartos: Atomium
Robotico Rejecto : Energized
Autodafeh : No names
Dupont: Entering the ice age
Diorama: The Expatriate
Goldkint: Paris
Indochine: L’aventurier
Mirrors : Hide and seek
Mirrors : Look at me
Depeche Mode: The sun and the rainfall (2011 black light odyssey Remix)

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Sendung 01 vom 2013-01-23

Die Playlist der 1.Sendung am 23.Januar 2013:

Depeche Mode : My secret garden (Live 82)
Human league: The lebanon
Anne Clark: Heaven
Client: Radio
Camouflage: Conversation
And One: Für immer
Spetsnaz: Allegiance
Orange sector: Der maschinist
Orange sector: Touch
Mesh: Born to lie
I am x: Nightlife
Lakeside x: Sway
ReActivate: Won’t forget these days
Kraftwerk: Schaufensterpuppen

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